This is a fantastic, beautiful, professionally put-together CD – and I just loved it! ……. it is good for those who can sing, those who can’t sing, and people who want to sing.

The Art of Healing Magazine

I feel these CD’s stand out from others in this genre, there is a strong/solid core to the tunes. It has roots in the earth where I find a lot of similar ‘new age’ music vapid, saccharine and ironically spiritless. Subway Bhaktis is definitely more wholesome, richer. You guys captured a real living spirituality in this recording, well done!


Very beautiful music! Well-produced and Rachel has a very sexy voice! Also like the NY urban style. I can really feel the sensuality between you on the album, very warm, very alluring, very good for my soul.

Colin George
Fatherhood Project

Thanks for your CD, I am playing it now… Love it! Very up and happy – beautiful compositions.

Chris Hooper
Krishna Das’ Australian promoter

It’s rare to see Love energy manifest so powerfully in music, such beautiful rhythms, melody and rich harmony.

Tom Whitaker
Byron Bay

I've been listening to your CD and LOVE it. It's a great modern version of Kirtan. In fact, I like your CD even more than Kirtan!

Jaen Nicoe