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Rasa Lila

New CD by Subway Bhaktis

Rasa Lila is the Subway Bhaktis follow up to their first award-winning album Sita Ram. Engineered, produced and mastered by 2011 Grammy Award nominee Kamal Engels, Rasa Lila features 13 beautiful and original tunes set to traditional chants, with great musicianship and a world music influence. Rasa Lila is the Dance of the Beloved, but it is not just the dance of Krishna and Radha, but the dance of all great lovers and this CD celebrates the eternal dance and the many aspects of the Divine that each of us embody on the journey. We are all Krishna, Radha, Sita, Ram, Lakshmi, Durga, Hanuman, Ganesh and Shiva.

Sita Ram

Subway Bhaktis first award-winning chanting CD

The sounds created and sung on this CD are a beautiful addition to any spiritual practice. The chants on Sita Ram and Rasa Lila are mostly in Sanskrit, and the sound of the words resonate deeply – vibrating the energy within, bringing healing and lightness of being and a depth of relaxation and meditation. Sita Ram was created after Rachel and Nyck lived in New York from 2000-2004 and through Rachel’s experiences teaching yoga there, they discovered chanting and began to create their own chants and devotional songs. Sita Ram is the result of this collaboration. Sita and Ram are the lovers in the grand story of The Ramayana.

One Drop of Love

Subway Bhaktis EP

One Drop of Love is an EP of four devotional songs with some Sanskrit chanting. Unique and beautiful tunes written by Nyck and Rachel and produced and mastered by 2011 Grammy Award nominee Kamal Engels. In Bhakti yoga, devotion to the divine is a form of love, loving the external world in all its beauty and manifestation as an honouring of the power of creation.