Subway Bhaktis long awaited NEW Chanting CD released – Rasa Lila

In 2006 Rachel Zinman and Nyck Jeanes as the Subway Bhaktis released their first album Sita Ram, a CD of Sanskrit chants and devotional songs. That album went on to win three Dolphin Awards that year and has been released in the US, Europe and Australia and continues to sell all over the world; with tracks featured on several compilations around the globe, radio airplay and great reviews. The album created a niche in the yoga/chanting/kirtan world with its diverse styles, rich harmonies and sense of fun, and Subway Bhaktis have toured in Europe every year since then and in Japan, India, Bali and Australia.

Finally the follow up CD is available! Titled Rasa Lila (the dance of Krishna and his Beloved, which is a metaphor for the play of life), the CD features 13 new tracks and at 70 minutes is a journey of devotion and celebration.

Rasa Lila is produced by Kamal Engels in Mullumbimby, whose album recorded with the Gyuto Monks at the same time, has just been nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award. The CD features many great musicians and artists augmenting the unique styles of Subway Bhaktis.

Cover art by the infamous Tao Jones.

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